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California sun kiss balayage hair painting for fall and winter Hair color by Martin Rodriguez and Colure haircare organic hair color system


Knowing their underlying motivation for coloring is key to delivering what your clients want. Our surveyed consumers’ top reasons for coloring their hair were, in order:
• covering gray
• wanting to feel attractive
• needing a change or change of color
When asked to rank what mattered most in color results (after receiving the actual color service), the “overall health of my hair” was the most important factor for clients, followed by “beautiful color” and “long-lasting color.” Colorists were only slightly off target on this, when asked what their clients valued most, with most respondents gauging that “maintaining color” was most important to their color clients, followed by health of the hair, performance and trends.

Our consumer survey reveals that the salon professional—the stylist or colorist—is the number-one driver sending clients to a salon, with price ranking second and reputation/quality rounding out the top three factors. When it comes to selecting a specific colorist, however, price falls to fourth place behind the colorist’s competence, the client/colorist relationship and the client’s history with the colorist. In fact, when asked the direct question of whether they were loyal to one stylist, 91% of salon clients responded “yes.” Our respondents had been with their colorist an average of nearly seven years, and 83% said they would be likely or very likely to follow their stylist to a new location.

Ultimately, consumers who choose salon hair color over home hair color realize the salon does a much better job (69%). Other key reasons are “good relationship with my stylist” (44%) .

According to color clients, the most important reason for patronizing a specific salon pro for color services is “They do a good job.” Relationship and history are also important, as is price. As with choosing a salon, 18-34 year olds are more likely to mention “value,” while those 35+ again prioritize their relationship and history with their colorist.


Highlighting and Balayage is still a star in the professional hair color story, emerging in MODERN’s research as clients’ most typically received salon color service, at 62% of respondents.

Single-process color (42%) and retouch services (31%) followed as second and third, respectively, on clients’ list, with single-process services about 10% more likely for clients age 35+.

Younger clients (age 18-34) are significantly more likely than those 35+ to experience ombre (15% vs. 2%), glossing (13% vs. 2%) and fashion shades (10% vs. 4%).


Client Loyalty:

  • Color clients are loyal. When asked the direct question of whether they were loyal to one salon professional, 91% of salon clients responded, “Yes.”
  • How long is “loyal?” Our respondents had been with their colorist an average of nearly seven years.
  • They’ll go where you go: 83% said they would be likely or very likely to follow their stylist to a new location.
  • They purchase additional services at the salon. The top five services clients receive at their color salon include cutting (70%), styling (46%), treatments/conditioning (27%), waxing (25%) and nail care (21%).
  • They have the same person always cut and color their hair (73%). This skews higher for clients 35+ (79%) versus 61% for those age 18-34.

Why clients choose our salon

  • Most important: My Stylist/Colorist (71%)
  • Secondary drivers: Price (57%) and Quality of Service/Reputation (51%) Other important factors include salon cleanliness, quality of color products use.

  • 98% of salon color clients are “happy” or “very happy” with their haircolor.

When asked to rank what mattered most in color results, the “overall health of my hair” (30%) was the most important factor for clients, followed by “beautiful color” (23%) and “long-lasting color” (23%).

Balayage hair color is not a trend says Martin It’s a Revolution in Hair coloring for every one including gray hair clients or anyone that wants to avoid  stripy hash lines in their hair!

Martin Rodriguez  will achieve all you hair color goals using color tones that will compliment your skin tone he is highly trained with over 35 years of experience.

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California blondes

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New hair coloring trends by hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Your hair says a lot about you. The style can express sophistication at work and then be set free to a playful mood for a night on the town. But your hair color is an expression much.

 More important, that should enhance each style no matter the mood. Unlike shoes, handbags, or clothes, your hair color cannot be changed from a morning at work to a party at night. Keeping the integrity of the hair is the key to great hair color, With the right amount of color pigment and tone.

How many people do you know that actually love their hair? What are the qualities that create a great head of hair? It is supposed that some people are just lucky. These “lucky” people seem to have hair that looks great when they roll out of bed in the morning. Perhaps, there are a few people for which this supposition is true. However, for most it is not. For example, Jennifer Anniston has been known for her locks since the sought after haircut she premiered on “Friends.” After that, women across the country ran to their stylist asking for that haircut. Little did they realize that that haircut was wisely chosen to accentuate her features and may not be suitable for everyone. In addition, her hair color complimented her skin tones and cut. This magical combination of cut and colors was formulated by a stylist specifically for Jennifer Anniston. If the average person wishes to attain the same wow-factor as the movie stars, she needs to have an experienced stylist choose a cut and color appropriate for her features and skin tones. Martin rodriguez does recommend the best color tones for each individual client.

Sun Kiss hair color

As seen in style noted Publication

Balayage Hair Color?

Balayage Hair painting is the in-salon color service choice among celebrities, models and fashionistas , Those that demand hair color to be designed exclusively for them. And Balayage hair painting isn’t just for Blondes. It is perfect for brunettes and redheads that want a subtle, California sun-kissed look.



Balayage is the French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colouring, With the same idea and similar to what nature gives us. Painted soft looking strands of hair with subtle with less noticeable harsh lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks. 

Balayage hair color is applied on the surface of the hair with Colour Wand balayage hair painting tools using feathering strokes and not saturated through the sections. At the tips of hair we add more coloring for a better blend, we avoid the streaking of  colour due to the fact that isn’t vey soft at all. It can also be called a freehand Hair Painting technique because no foil or any mechs are used to create the Balayage hair painting highlights.

hair color by Martin

As a stylist, I believe starting with color closer to your natural level, and then increasing the intensity gradually, creates the sun-kissed effect that is both subtly dramatic and luxurious. The Ombre trend was huge and exciting. Yet once the novelty wore off, the boldness of the style was left seeming more cheap than creative. California Balayage hair repainting ,Sombre Retain the artistic quality of Ombre color, while advancing the technique to more masterful levels without the use of foil.  
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california balayage.blonde hair color by Martin Rodriguez

California Sun-kiss hair color - waterfall Balayage highlights-Baby sun lights,Ombre - Bombre - Sombre - Balayage 

Natural hand painted hair color by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez

Thank you for your interest in booking with Martin. He is based in Fountain Valley ca 92708 with appointments Tuesday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday

Hair color first time appointments will last 2 or more hours depending on the coloring service. We would like to remind you that in one day Martin will be able to achieve your hair coloring goal, a process od understanding color theory and what colors will compliment the clients skin tone. This is a time consuming process, and we strive for nothing less than perfection. 

Martin Rodriguez highly recommends booking your appointment on a day you have no timing restrictions to avoid stress for you and Martin.

Please keep in mind that Martin is one person. He will be doing every step of the service himself. He IS highly trained and has gone through rigorous training over the years. Martin will be the one doing the entire color process including formulating all hair color used according to each client’s goal and skin tone.

Cancelations 24 hours in advance 

Or you will be charged a No show fee.


Estimates on hair color, Not given over the phone

please stop by and Visit Martin for  estimate or check the menu 

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All hair color is formulated to compliment your skin tone using more than two shades for a natural look coloring should look healthy and radiant. My job as your stylist is to let you know which colors will enhance you skin tone the best.

  All work from start to finished is done by Martin

Getting the right hair cut that will enhance your facial Features.


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Baby sun lights,Ombre - Bombre - Sombre - Balayage Natural hand painted hair color by Hair stylist Martin Rodriguez